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Magic Hose Spray Gun

Flexible Garden Magic Hose is a Non-Kink Garden Hose. It’s Aluminium End-Ducting Create an ability that is 3 times expansion length in use. This Garden Hose can be expanding hose pipe. When the Water Hose is connected to water, the Water Pressure Hose (3 To 12 Bar) will be rapidly expanded to 3 times its length and regains its original length in a few minutes when the water is drained. Just make sure there is enough water pressure to stretch the Hose. It is very convenient for your use and storage, saving a lot of space.


  • Adjustable, Anti-Abrasion, Flexible, Rewindable, Soft 
  • Standard: DIN
  • Garden Hose Reel Type: Water Hose
  • Model Number: Expandable Garden Hose with 7 in 1 Spray Gun 
  • 7 spraying water modes: full, mist, jet, shower, flat, centre, cone 
  • Wide application: suitable for washing car, watering flowers cleaning windows etc. 
  • Latex tube: wear-resistant, can be stretched or bent Water pressure: 0 – 5 bar water pressure 
  • Colour: Green Garden Hose Name: Expandable Garden Hose with 7 in 1 Spray Gun Package Contents: 1 x Expandable Hose, 1 x Spray Gun, 1 x English Manual Advantage: Awesome Kink-proof Expandable Water Hose
  • Size:250ft  best expandable garden hose
  • Colour: Green


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