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150ft Magic Hose Pipe Spray Gun

£17.00 £16.90

150ft Magic Hose Pipe Spray Gun Flexible Garden Magic Hose is a Non-Kink Garden Hose. It’s Aluminium End-Ducting Create an ability that

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250ft Flexible Garden Magic Hose Pipe with Spray gun

£20.25 £20.00

Flexible Garden Magic Hose is a Non-Kink Garden Hose. It’s Aluminium End-Ducting Create an ability that is 3 times expansion length in

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Cable Wire Stripper

£4.90 £4.70

Item specifics  Environmental protection material Convenient to handle and easy to use Cutter made from high-quality metal  Rustproof  It’s designed for long-lasting

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Cat & Dog Nail Care System

£7.20 £6.90

Specification Brand new & high quality; Specially designed for shearing nails, toenails, claws, or paws for your lovely and beautiful dog, cat,

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Cutter Knife

£6.99 £5.99

Cutter Knife

£6.99 £5.99

Heavy-Duty Manual Cutter knife is a great option for a variety of heavy-duty cutting. This knife has an auto-locking system and snaps

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Garden Shovel

  • Outdoor Garden
  • Multipurpose Use
  • Metal Shovel 40cm

Hammer Household DIY Easy Grip Hammer

£4.85 £4.60

Easy Grip Hammer Product information: WHAT YOU NEED: Whether you’re a professional tradesman or you enjoy the occasional DIY project around the

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Hand Hoe 14 Inch


Perfect hand hoeing to be a solution for gardeners who have difficulty to remove deep-rooted weeds. easy to hold, and it is very safe. Super rust-resistant garden hoe for weeding, breaking up compacted soil and roots, and trenching.

Hand Riveter With 4 Attached

£8.50 £8.35

Specification Easy-grip handles incorporating spanner Applicable to the four sizes of the rivet 100% Brand New Fashion design high quality! Rivets: Suitable

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Large Opening Spanner

£4.80 £4.65

Large Opening Spanner Item specifics Large Wrench 10 inch Nut Key Hand Tool Adjustable

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Paint Scraper

£4.80 £4.60

Paint Scraper

£4.80 £4.60

Paint Scraper Item specifics Material: Stainless steel fill with high quality stainless steel and plastic handle, durable and hard wearing, flexible and

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Portable Car Grab Handle

£9.75 £9.60

Product information Portable Car Grab Handle is used for helping get out of the car mobility disability. It is an elderly support

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